Seminar Topics

For more instruction:

To learn more about MASS™, take advantage of our seminars. In general, the seminars are targeted towards designers and engineers already familiar with masonry design. The seminars do however, provide a brief introduction to some of the concepts encountered in masonry design, and the software itself is an excellent tool to aid in learning masonry design. The first hour of the seminars begin with an introduction on how to navigate through the program. This covers not only the user interface, but also the design procedures implemented by the program. With the basics covered in the first hour of the seminar, the remainder of the time is focused on some of the unique methodologies and features encountered in the program, including

  • constructability concerns
  • vertical steel placement (uniform, concentrated at ends, cell-by-cell)
  • minimum clearances
  • grouting pattern (ignoring vs. including the grout)
  • P-M diagrams (transition zone, eccentricity line, slenderness effects)
  • allowable deflection
  • safety factor (linear behaviour under compression)
  • smearing grout
  • reverse loading

At the end of the seminar attendants within the regions of CCMPA and CMDC will be provided with a complimentary copy of MASS™ software if they have not yet have received one.