General Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The following page provides a list of frequently asked questions pertaining to general inquires about MASS™. For frequently asked technical questions, click here. For website assistance, click here to download our website tutorial PDF. 

How do I activate with my new serial number?

To activate using a new serial number, open the MASS™ software and open a new beam or wall module. If your license is expired, the "Registration Key Code" window will automatically appear. Otherwise, click on "Activate Product" which can be found under the "Help" menu. To use the new Serial Number, simply type it in where the old one appears and be sure to have "online activation" selected before clicking "Activate". Once you have pressed the "Activate" button, an Internet Explorer window will appear and you will be asked to fill in your current mailing information. Click "Activate" at the bottom of the page and check that the license status line in the "Registration Key Code" window reads "License will expire __________". For assistance, please contact the Canada Masonry Design Centre at 888.338.3336 or

How can I get a MASS™ license?

License purchases and renewals can be purcahsed on our online store. License holders are given serial numbers which allow you to activate and use the MASS™ software. 

What is the difference between a license purchase and a renewal?

License purchases are for users who do not currently have a valid license and renewals can be obtained to extend them. The most cost effective way to maintain a license is to renew an existing license. Purchased licenses are valid for an additional year but cost more than a license renewal. For a full list of products and pricing, visit our online store

Why am I having problems activating MASS™?

There could be several reasons for this:

  • Is there a message saying that your copy has already been activated? In accordance with the User License Agreement, you can only activate MASS™ on your own computer. If you are using your serial number to activate on a different computer, you will get this message. 
  • The serial number is case sensitive. Lower case letters are not accepted.
  • Does the serial number appear in green characters once it is entered in? If not, you may have missed or added an extra character when typing it in. 
  • You may have selected ‘offline activation’. Instead, select ‘online activation’. The program automatically retrieves a program generated computer ID, sends it to our database, and returns an activation code. This may take a minute or so depending on the internet connection.
  • Is there a message saying that you have not entered in a valid MASS™ Version 1.0 code? If so, go through and check to make sure that what you have typed in matches the serial number that was given to you. In particular, check all 1’s and I’s, as well as O’s and zeros (these will all be zeroes).
  • Is there a countdown to fill out a user information form displayed under “license status”? Double check to make sure you have Internet Explorer installed and working. There will be an Internet Explorer popup window asking you to enter/confirm your information. Internet Explorer version 8 or newer needs to be installed for you to be able to activate online. 
  • For detailed installation instructions read: (MASS Installation Guide)
  • If you are still having problems activating, please contact the Canada Masonry Design Centre at 888.338.3336 or
Can I uninstall MASS™ from one computer and install it on another?

No. MASS™ is activated using your computer signature (Computer ID in the activation window). Once a particular serial number has been activated, it cannot be activated again. However, the program can be uninstalled and then reinstalled on the same computer.

MASS™ was working fine but now it says "there is no valid license" under license status. What happened? 

You license is expired. Each MASS license has a built in expiry date which cannot be changed. To extend your license, visit our products page and purchase a license renewal. 

Are there any MASS™ seminars being offered?

Yes, the Canada Masonry Design Centre offers MASS™  seminars. Please see Seminar Dates.

Can I install MASS™ on a network to be used by several users?

Currently, MASS™  can only be installed on individual computers. The software then recognizes the individual computer signature when it is activated. Several users can use MASS™ Version 1.1 by logging in and out of the same computer. 

Can I install MASS™ using Windows 2000?

No. Our programmers have informed us that MASS™ as it was originally designed worked on Windows 2000. During the last phase of development we found that it could not run on Windows 7. We upgraded our software package to include .NET 4 framework which allows MASS™ to run on a Windows 7 machine. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s .NET 4 Framework is not compatible with Windows 2000. Our movement to .NET 4 should allow MASS ™ to be used on more computers. Windows 8 is also supported.