Unique Features

Results in seconds.

Generating a design is as simple as entering a few dimensions and applying a few loads. From there, a single click will start the design engine and in seconds you have results. MASS™ not only provides an easy way to enter information, it turns those inputs into detailed and comprehensive outputs in various formats. There is a simplified format for users that just want a quick solution. MASS™ also provides scaled graphic representations of the designed assemblage for visual inspection. Most unique to this program is the detailed report that provides all of the intermediate design data, equations and cross-references with the design and construction CSA Masonry Standards shown. This allows the user to know how the program determines the design solution and makes it easy and transparent for the user to understand the inner workings of MASS™.

design results summary

This transparency in the software allows designers to see and readily verify their work, and it provides a learning opportunity for those less experienced in masonry design. The user has the ability to see exactly what equations the program has used in the calculations. This is extremely beneficial to a designer because they can quickly understand how the program reached a current design, building their confidence in the design and in the program in general.


shear wall geometry

Analysis and design are easily interpreted visually through the use of graphs and drawings. Applied loads, bending moments and shear diagrams are easily accessible. Elevations and cross sections are graphically displayed to scale and readily indicate dimensions, materials and placement of reinforcement. The P-M Interaction diagrams are advanced and dynamic, allowing the user to view key values by selecting any point along the curves to display the axial resistance, moment resistance and associated compression zone width.

pm interaction diagrams

MASS™ comes with a default masonry unit database, which includes common masonry units and their properties. This allows MASS™ to cover most design scenarios right out of the box. In addition, the MASS™ database can be readily customized, allowing the user to modify and/or create units based on new suppliers, unit types and properties, to reflect unique units found throughout Canada and encompass future units currently in research and development.